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Navigate the tween and teen years using my proven 3-step “connected communication” method so you can create your

House of Harmony™

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Learn the simple 3-step communication framework to foster more respect and cooperation from your tweens and teens


Bond with like-minded parents to get support and answers to your questions


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This course is perfect for you if you’re...

  • Dealing with eye-rolling, attitude and the challenge of getting your teen to cooperate.

  • Overwhelmed, confused and depleted, having tried everything to get your teen to open up, but nothing seems to be working.

  • Losing sleep because you feel like you’re doing it all wrong!

  • Often feel like you give and give to your kids, yet no one appreciates anything, leaving you emotionally drained.

  • Longing to feel respected and to enjoy being with your kids again!

  • Stressed out and scared that you'll be stuck in this parenting hamster wheel forever, worried about missing out on the joy you initially thought parenting would bring you.


Imagine how much better your life would be if you were...

  • Having communication with your teens as a source of joy, not stress – where open conversations replace arguments and tension.

  • Creating genuine connections with your teens, understanding them on a deeper level, and forging lasting bonds.

  • Making parenting decisions with confidence, knowing that you're creating a positive impact on your teens' lives.

  • Having empowered relationships with your teens, fostering growth, understanding, and mutual respect.

  • Enjoying peaceful dinners where conversations flowed effortlessly, and conflicts were replaced with laughter and connection.

  • Seeing yourself confidently navigating the challenges of parenting teens, armed with effective communication tools that make a positive impact.


House of Harmony™️ Club

A complete, step-by-step program for overwhelmed parents of tweens and teens who want to communicate better, build strong connections, and bring peace to their homes.


Course & Workbook

Dive into the easy-to-follow course and workbook, designed around a simple 3-step framework for navigating parenting challenges with confidence.

Private Community Access

Join our exclusive community of supportive parents to share experiences and gain insights.


1:1 Coaching Session

Enjoy a personalized half-hour coaching session with Deborah for tailored guidance on your parenting journey.

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Try the program for 7 days, risk-free

In the course you’ll learn my simple and proven 3-step "PCN" connected-communication framework


The Perspective Phase “P”: 

The Foundation to Building Your House of Harmony

Changing perspectives in communication leads to better emotional regulation and more effective responses to challenges, fostering lasting positive changes in your family dynamic.



The Change Phase “C”: The Tools to Build Your House of Harmony

Learn step by step, how to truly connect with your tween and teen using your new perspective to create more effective and lasting behavior changes through positive collaboration.


The Nurture Phase “N”: Keeping Your House of Harmony Strong

Nurture your House of Harmony by learning the exact ways to avoid repeating unhealthy patterns of communication and avoid parental burnout for long lasting family harmony.


Some of Our Success Stories

"I can't even believe how much more connected we are to him in six days because there's no more anger"

Keri - Mom of 1 teen and 1 tween

"There's been more moments of laughing together, having fun together, which to me was just nonexistent."

Jennifer - Mom of 2 teens

"The PCN model was life changing...and it worked. Like the next day the problem was gone."

Krissy - Mom of 1 tween

Hi, I'm Deborah Winters, LCSW

Welcome to the House of Harmony Club! I'm Deborah Winters, a licensed clinical therapist and parenting coach with over a decade of experience. As a mother of two girls, I intimately understand the parent-child disconnect many face, especially during the challenging tween and adolescent years.

Like you, I've felt disrespected, unheard, and struggled when my kids were unwilling to cooperate. Despite being a therapist, I faced repeated communication challenges, leading to stress, arguments, and chaos.

Determined to break this cycle, I discovered a transformative way to communicate with my girls with a focus on empathy and connection, that allowed us to collaborate on solutions together, without the need for yelling and arguing.

This change began when I was able to shift my perspective which allowed me to regulate my emotions and be the mother my girls needed me to be.

Now, as a therapist and coach, I'm excited to share these tools with you. Join me inside The House of Harmony Club to learn strategies that reduce conflict, increase closeness, and bring calm to your home.

It's your time to connect with your tween or teen confidently and strengthen those family relationships to build the House of Harmony you've always dreamed of.


Here’s What’s Included

House of Harmony

Lifetime Access to HOH Course

Private Community for Additional Support

30-minute Private Coaching with Deborah

*Additional sessions available upon request

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Bonus #2: Quick Scripts Guide

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Bonus #4: Parent Personality Quiz

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Try the program for 7 days, risk-free

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Q: How old do my kids need to be for me to participate in the The House of Harmony Club?

While the core communication and conflict resolution skills we teach inside The House of Harmony Club are universally helpful (for spouses too), our current program is designed specifically for parents of tweens and teens ages 10-19.This age range is a pivotal developmental period marked by both increasing independence and emotional volatility. By targeting parents of pre-teens and adolescents, we can provide the most relevant support during the years when parent-child dynamics tend to become more complex and challenging. By concentrating on ages 10-19, we can be laser-focused on giving parents the tools to navigate this often-difficult transition with skill and compassion.

Q. How long does it take for parents to see results after they’ve begun the 3-step connected communication method, otherwise known as the “PCN Method,” learned inside The House of Harmony Club?

Many parents are understandably eager to see results quickly after learning the 3-step connected communication method we teach in The House of Harmony Club. While every family's journey is unique, most parents report noticing improvements in their communication and overall harmony within the first week of consistently applying the PCN method.Of course, changing entrenched habits takes time and commitment, but by investing focused time connecting with their teen or tween using this positive communication framework, parents can start re-building trust and mutual understanding resulting in dramatic improvements in family dynamics within days. This includes significant reduction in yelling, fewer tantrums, and more cooperation, as these healthy communication patterns take hold.

Q: My child has a developmental disability. Does The House of Harmony Club provide support and resources for families like mine?

At The House of Harmony Club, we strive to support families raising children with diverse needs. Our program provides effective support and resources to helping parents communicate with more connection to reduce conflict and increased harmony in the home.For children with certain developmental disabilities, specifically, if the child is cognitively and emotionally aware enough to engage with and utilize our conversation tools, parents can absolutely benefit from participation.However, for severe intellectual disabilities or cases where a child is not socially/emotionally aware or verbal, our current program would not be suited to provide sufficient support and care. We make every effort to direct families to more specialized resources in those situations.Overall, we welcome families raising children with mild to moderate developmental delays, such as ADHD, dyslexia, speech/language delays, and other learning differences. Please feel free to schedule a consultation so we can determine if The House of Harmony Club is the right fit for your child's needs. We hope to help as many families as possible build connection and harmony.

Are you ready to say goodbye to nagging, yelling, and feeling unheard, and finally communicate peacefully with your teens?

Join House of Harmony Club now and transform your parenting journey today.

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